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A Few Points on Style

A good editor remains invisible so your style is NEVER diminished. Your manuscript is yours, all yours!

Style Sheet

​A customized style sheet benefits the author and editor to maintain consistency and precision throughout the edit. I document unusual words, capitalization conventions, compound words, hyphenated words, foreign words, dialect, proper nouns, character names, place names, anomalies like homonyms (right/right) and homophones (write/right), and other things specific to your manuscript.


Remember, this is your manuscript and rules are flexible to fit your writing style. I build your style sheet as I edit, and work with you throughout the editing process to make sure we are on the same page. It's a time saver, and if you are planning to submit to a publisher it's a good idea to provide them with your style sheet. Click for a fully navigable, customized sample style sheet to give you a better idea of what you will receive as part of your editing package.  ​


​Style Guide and Dictionary

The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition is the preferred style guide in the publishing industry for style, usage, and grammar, and Merriam Webster's  Dictionary, 11th Edition, is the preferred source for general spelling.

Quick tip!

The Alt code for an em dash—sort of like parentheses where you can add an additional thought within a sentence without breaking it up—is Alt 0151. Check out this comprehensive resource for Alt codes and other keyboard shortcuts.

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