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Beta Reading—Will your book engage readers?

A beta read is not an edit—think of it like a test drive for your book. You might find that multiple beta readers can help you determine things like this: Does your story hook the reader from start? Does it hold the reader's attention through to the end? Are your characters relatable? Are there sections that are unclear? Are there sections that should be left out or could be added? Multiple beta readers often provide authors with valuable feedback that might better prepare your manuscript for evaluation. For a reasonable fee, I will read your entire manuscript and provide you with an editorial memo that can help you answer these questions.

"I am blown away by all of the time you took to give me all of this wonderful feedback. I feel the need to rewrite to make it better. You have given me so much hope to press forward. Thank you so much for your kindness and support."

​–Sharon Kurtz, Vietnam War Bride, masterpiece in progress

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