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Hello, I'm an editor.

Est. 1994

Let's create a book that readers can't put down!

Do you want to publish your novel? Let's make sure your manuscript makes it to the top of the pile. Are you searching for a collaborative author-editor relationship to help you publish your page turner? Let's work together to get your book published.


I offer developmental editing, line editing, copy editingproofreading, manuscript evaluation, and beta reading services to help bring out the best storyteller in you.

As for pricing, the level of editing the manuscript needs—based on mutual agreement between author and editor—dictates pricing, and negotiation begins. I offer a manuscript evaluation at a reasonable cost (based on word count) to recommend a path toward publication, and request that the author send me the entire manuscript so I can provide a concise assessment and a fair and equitable quote.

Please contact me for a complementary consultation and to learn more about pricing.

"Recommended by several people, Nancy edited my latest book and became a friend. I'd had it fine-tooth combed by several other people and I could not believe what Nancy found to make the story the best it could be. She really listened to my thoughts and feelings and clearly explained her point of view. ​She is a very talented editor with an innate creative sense of what is needed and what is not. She is also a creative person in her own right. Personable and caring, she quickly develops a rapport, and also has a strong sense of community. I highly recommend her as an editor."

​–Joan Wendland, Figgy Newton . . . There BE Dragons

Available for purchase on Amazon.

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